Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I started thinking today about Mother's Day today-
because my kids were telling me how nice they were going to be all day on Sunday.
Abby was saying to me "I promise I wont mess up my room on mommy's day, mom."
She knows it drives me nutso because her room is always so messy.
Barbies all over the floor and polly pockets too. Then when I tell her lets clean up, she collapses into a heap on the floor
and says shes too 'tie-derd' (lol)
Spencer said he was going to cook for me, and that I could drink as much
coffee as I wanted all day and "could I please take him and Abby to target to buy a toy on Mother's Day."
I'm going- "excuse me? Its MOTHERS Day, buddy. Tell me who the toy is for?"
"me and Abby" he said. "so we can stay busy and we wont bug you on Mothers Day."

Ohmigosh! Is he smooth or what?! Well no matter, there wont be a trip to Target for toys.

I thought about how wonderful it is to be a mother.
Looking into their big eyes, and knowing they are a part of you.
I am always amazed when I look at them- just living and breathing-
and I go "Wow! I made a person!"

I loved being pregnant too. That life growing inside me made me feel full of hope.
Giving birth was one of the most powerful experiences on earth.
I have never felt strength like that again. I felt like the strongest person on earth at that moment.
Like I could take on anything. And while holding that baby in your arms,
you know you will do anything to keep them safe.
Anything and everything.

I thought about my mom and how much she sacrificed for me.
I thought about all the choices she made while I was growing up.
Choices that shaped me into who I am today.
I recalled her working extra hours to pay for my college education. I remember never feeling like I had to go without.
And the funny thing that always sticks with me, is how much that woman liked to iron! Geez!
My clothes were always perfectly pressed and hanging in my closet.
And you would think I would have copied her and that same behavior? nope.
In fact, my kids saw the ironing board and iron set up at my moms house awhile ago- and they said,
"Nanny, whats that?" HA! I kid you not!

My grandmother is such an important figure in my life. She has always been my rock.
Grandma understands me, listens to me, never judges me, and loves me like no one can.
Shes so full of life, wit and wisdom, that I talk to her on the phone
at least once a week if not more. We could talk for hours. I see her very often too.
I remember grandma making clothes for me as a kid.
I remember spending weekends at her house and going to bed at night
looking forward to breakfast the next morning. She always did it up.
I swear I can still taste buttermilk biscuits right now!

There is no love, like a mother's love.
And although there are fathers who love their children with everything they've got, its a different kind of love.
A mother's love comes from way down deep inside. A place that only a woman poseses.
Its just a feeling like they have done something wonderful. That they have offered these children
to the world to do great things, and make a difference.

This is for all of you out there- mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters,
great grandmothers, surrogate mothers, and step mothers.
May you have the most beautiful mother's day ever.
And may you be appreciated for all the little things you do that go unnoticed.
But most of all, may you receive the love of a mother,
and may you feel so full from it that you cant wait to pass it on.

Happy Mother's Day