Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Target gift card can't buy you everything

If any of you are like me, you probably make a weekly trip to Target, or some other "all-inclusive-once-they-get-you-in-door-you-wont-be-able-to-leave-without-spending-at-least-two-hours-and-two-hundred-dollars" places. Target is like a sanctuary to me. On Sundays I go to my regular church, but during the week, I attend the church of Target. I love that place, man! I could get lost in there. Well actually, thats not a possibility, because I think I know where everything is. Seriously, someone once asked me what aisle something was on, (I happened to be wearing a red shirt) and I told them exactly where they could find it! LOL! My mom was with me, and she goes- "why did you do that?" And I said, "what? They asked where something was, so I told them." I mean really, why would I waste their time by telling them to go find a person who really 'did' work there? That person probably knew less than I did anyway! ;)

I have been shopping at the same Target since before both of my kids were born. I remember buying Spencer's high chair there. He's 7. I have shopped there longer then most of those people have probably held a steady position there.

I was cleaning out a few purses the other day and in one I found a Target gift card I had misplaced. I immediately went online and found that it had $25 available! Cool! I had an appointment I was headed to, so the kids were at my house with a sitter. I decided to stop off at Target afterwards and treat myself to a little 'retail therapy'.

I arrived with giftcard in pocket, and starbucks in hand. Where should I begin? My newest Target obsession? The dollar section right when you enter. Its like there is a special holy beam of light that shines upon it... I can hear the angels singing... calling to me. My cart wanders over. My eyes become glassy. I cant take my eyes off the bargains. Do I really need any of it? No. But its only a dollar. I'm sure I could find the perfect use for it! I actually have found some super cool things in that section, don't get me wrong, but most of it is just fluff. I mean how many different patterned post it note pads does one really need? The makeup section is especially fun, so I wander off. I could spend way too much time looking at fantastic nail polish colors, funky new eyeshadows, and 'cutting edge' mascara. Only to eventually remind myself that I will never make time to paint my nails, I dont really wear eyshadow, and my eyelashes are already ridiculously long so I dont need super power mascara anyhow. I can always find a new lotion to buy, or a new face product thats going to have me looking 10 years younger in 10-12 weeks. Of course I wont remember to use it everynight so it wont do any good. I love the bath and bedding section. With little effort at all, I arrive. I dream of throwing out every last towel I own and starting over. I walk to the bedding section and imagine buying the fluffiest comforter ever for my bed and six pillows to go on it. Then falling back and sinking into it and taking a nap. The next department over is the kitchen stuff. I wste no time and roll on over. I am currently having a love affair with orange. I painted my kitchen pumpkin spice and it is HOT! There in the middle of the shelf, is the coolest retro looking bowl I have ever seen. Rust, orange, black, berry, gold, and even some olive green. OMG. I must have it! I put it in the cart. I stand back and admire it. Think of where it would look best in the kitchen. What will I put in it? Well I already have a bowl on the table, and all it does is collect thigs from the kids. I think it has a few hot wheels, a stray crayon, some loose change, a barbie brush, and some stickers in it. It's a catch-all. Not at all what I had intended it for. I turn the bowl over. $40.00. I decide that a $40.00 catch-all is something I don't need, no matter how cool it looks. I'm starting to get discouraged. I realize that I must not be ready to make a decision. And also that I am taking the gift card way too seriously. I have put such an emphasis on spending it on something fun, and not on regular household neccesities, that I sucked all the enjoyment right out of it. I turn the cart toward the center aisle and start heading towards the front of the store. Past the containers, past the candles, frames, and stationary. Passing up all the food as well. I park the cart and start walking out. As I exit the store, I get this intensely odd feeling that I am missing something. Something doesnt seem right. I glance for my purse. Its there. Got my keys in my hand, cell in my pocket, and sunglasses are on. Then it dawned on me. I had no shopping bags. I bought nothing. I felt strange. Never in the 7 years that I shopped at Target, had I ever left Target without buying something. What was going on? Was this armageddon? What had brought this strange phenomenon? Puzzled, I walked to the car. I got in and sat for a moment. I had nothing new. Yet I was feelin alright. Did I have everything I needed? Is that why I didnt buy anything? As I looked over my shoulder to back out of the parking place I saw the kids carseats out of the corner of my eye. I smiled. I felt contented. I really did have two great things already. Spencer and Abby. And you cant get kids that fantastic at Target. As I headed towards home, I knew I was going to be getting the best deal of them all when I got there- two hugs greeting me at the door, and a lifetime of love.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some things only women understand

Only women understand...

-that making a list of the things you have to do is almost as good as doing them.

-the difference between a dishtowel and a rag: do not use the dishtowel to polish the car. Do not shine shoes with it. Do not use it to catch paint drops.

-why you need your own special shampoo even though the hotel provides loads of bottles of the stuff.

-that spending $50 on a sweater marked down from $150 means you have an extra $100 in your checking account.

-that older men going out with younger women are searching desperately for youth, but older women going out with younger men are searching desperately for equals.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm 4 now...

Just thought you might find a little humor in this:
After all- the business is named after her!
Might as well see what inspires me, right? (wink)

Abby, my four-year-old has been attending gymnastics since she was three. She turned four 2 weeks ago. Last week she decided, right in the middle of class, that she didnt want to go to class anymore. She just walked right off the gym floor, into the parents room, and said matter of fact- "mom. I dont think i wanna do 'binakicks' anymore."
Tonight I figured out why she didnt want to go anymore. lol.

We came to the gym at 6:00 pm. She took me by the hand over to her class .
Usually the moms watch from this little room but she wanted me to come with her for a minute this time.
So i walked accross the floor with her to her class which has some new kids in it and they are younger than her- shes the oldest now.
So we got there and she leaned over and whispered. "I dont want to be in this class anymore. Im ready to 'congratulate' to the next one."
And she was pointing to the girls who were busy making faces in the mirror. Apparently she is too old for that now.
Coach Jim was calling her accross the gym saying, "Miss Abby, why arent you going to class today sweetheart?"
And she just shakes her head no. He says, "Now you're gonna make me cry. You better come over here and give me a hug."
So abby and i walk to Jim and he picks her up and hugs her and she says, "well im 4 now." and he says, "oh. Does this mean youre ready for a bigger class? Is that what youre telling me?"
"yeah." she said. I almost died laughing.
So he says- "Well then go over there to that big girls and line up honey."
she nods, and runs over and gets in line. Looks back at me, smiles a closed mouth grin, gives me a thumbs up and heads off to the bars.
The next youngest girl was 6-years-old.
Shes nuts man.

That's my girl.