Saturday, March 22, 2008

A bunny tale

Everyone needs a special friend in their life. Someone that they confide in, someone that believes in them.
Someone that is there for them through thick and thin.
A friend who isnt afraid to go anywhere with you.
A friend who is there when you cry, laugh, sing, or dance.
Everyone needs someone who they can cuddle up with, and someone who they can goof around with too.

Finding all these qualities in one person isnt easy. Some will search the ends of the earth. Go to great lengths until they find that perfect friend. The friend who is just right for them.

Abby has that special friend.

His name is 'Nunny.'

'Nunny' joined our family on 2005 on Abby's first birthday. A gift from a good friend of mine who lives in the city, and who doesn't see the kids too often, we had no idea he would become her beloved companion. He was just the right size and was soft as ever. His ears were velvety and floppy and he had the sweetest expression on his face. His body was filled with just the right amount of stuffing and beans to make him perfect for tossing over your shoulder, cuddling, or even holding under one arm.

'Nunny' travels everywhere with us. He has also been left a few places. I have made numerous late night trips to retrieve him so that Abby could go to sleep with 'Nunny' safe in her arms.

One particular excursion sticks in my mind.
it was late one night, Around 9 pm. Abby was ready to settle in for the nite. We had ooked for 'Nunny' for awhile and had not succeeded in finding him. I started to retrace our steps of where we had been. We had shopped at the mall earlier that evening, but 'Nunny' had never left the car, so we knew he couldnt have entered the mall with us. I wondered if maybe he had been dropped somewhere? Then I panicked. What if he fell out of the jeep at the mall when we were getting in to go home? And he was still in the parking lot somewhere? Oh my god! I couldn't bear the thought! I wasted no time. Got in the jeep and raced back to the mall.

Its dark, the mall parking lot is becoming empty. I am driving around, up and down the area where we were parked. Window rolled down. Searching all over for 'Nunny's' poor little stuffed body. I start imagining him lying there alone, arms all sprawled out, with a tire mark over his chest. I fell emotional and I start crying! Omg what a dork! lol! I start wondering if maybe someone may have found 'Nunny' and turned him into the lost and found. But the mall is closed. There is a restaurant attached to the mall and its still open. I go inside and ask if someone turned in a stuffed bunny. No luck. I glance over at the railing that separates the mall from the restaurant. No one is looking. I hop over it and walk through the mall to the security counter. There are still people there! Thank god! I start explaining my story, and before I can finish, the security guard reaches under the counter and pulls out 'Nunny!'

"you mean this little guy?" he says. I start crying again. lol. I am so relieved. I wanted Abby to have 'Nunny' forever. I tuck my little treasure under my arm and speed home.

When I arrived, Abby was already asleep, with a different stuffed friend under her arm. Her little eyes were all red from crying. I carefully slipped 'Nunny' under her arm, kissed her on the forehead, and closed her door.

'Nunny' is still with us, and he celebrated his birthday the other day. He invited all his bunny friends to the party and they all had cake.

I am sure 'Nunny' will be celebrating many more bithdays with us.

So theres my bunny tale.

Happy Easter everyone.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

'sew' whats all the fuss about?

As IF making hairbows, running a business, raising two children, keeping up with my kids scrapbooks, and running a household isnt quite enough for me... I decided that this was the year I was going to learn how to sew.

My grandmother began sewing at the age of seven. (I asked her that tonight in fact.) She said her mother made her sit down with her at the machine, and watch her and learn the basics. She also told her that if you didnt wear a thimble, you weren't a real seamstress. I have never seen my grandma sew without using one.

I got a sewing machine as a gift two years ago. I asked for it in fact. It sat untouched for sometime because Abby was still small then and Spencer wasnt in school yet and I didnt have a lot of free time to practice. Finally the day came that I was ready to meet the machine face to face. I plugged her in. I stared her down. I got out the manual. I wish I would have been warned! Threading the darn thing took forever! lol! The directions were like rocket science! I locked myself in the room so I would have no interruptions. Finally it was done. Now what? I guess I should sew something? But what?

Months went by and I practiced threading and rethreading. I learned to wind bobbins. I really became aquainted with the machine. My grandma came over a few times a month to give me pointers if I was working on something. Mostly I was just making things for the kids. Easy projects. Nothing with a pattern yet. Abby and Spencer are still bragging about these mini sleeping bags I made last month. Abby's sleeping bags were made to fit her Barbies and Spencers were for his GI Joes. They were both involved in the design of their products. I took them to the fabric store with me to pick out their own material. They each chose 6 different patterns and fleece for the inside of the bags. Spencers were all camoflage, skull, or flame themed. Abigail's were colors of pinks, purples, and turquoise, florals, dots, stripes, and one cat print.

Yesterday was the moment of truth. I decided to tackle the task of making something for myself using a pattern. I love handmade bags, and I had this amazing fabric I loved, so I decided I would make myself a purse. The process wasnt all that hard. I did find it perplexing however that I was expected to sew the purse completely inside out and backwards and make it come out correct by then turning the entire thing right side out by pulling it throuh a hole in the lining? What? How can this be? Well, I pulled and squished and tugged and- voila! A purse!
I was so EXCITED!

I don't expect to be selling them on the market anytime soon... ;)
But if I suddenly become the famous 'abby-doodles purse lady' you can always say you knew me when I was just a lil' ole bow maker.